Alcohol / tobacco in Tromsø, Norway

Probably you have heard about alcohol and tobacco selling restrictions and high prices in Norway.

Therefore if you are a beer, wine lover or smoker, i suggest to bring some in your checked luggage or bought in special tax free bag in your home airport (you need to take out your luggage and go again trough customs in Oslo airport). Prices of alcohol and tobacco are extremely high if compare to most of European countries. In Oslo airport tax free zone beer is not cheaper than in supermarkets. Although you can find good deals for wine or cider etc.

  • For limited alcohol and tobacco amounts what you can bring in Norway, official Norwegian custom info graphics:

Beer not stronger than 4.7′ (light beer) you will find in every supermarket. From Monday to Saturday (8-18; S.8-15). Price range are about 25 NOK to 59 NOK for 0.3 to 0.5 beer. Although for me as a craft beer beer lover choice is poor.

Alcohol stronger that 4.7′ you can buy only in state shop Vinmonopolet, which have short working hours (we have one in city center and in biggest shopping mall Jekta). Wine, spirits etc. you can buy in state alcohol shops in Tromsø (working days 8-18; Saturdays 8- 15). Bottle of wine costs starting from 150 NOK ( 15 EUR). Spirits may cost ~500 NOK (50 EUR).



Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) cost ~115 NOK (12 EUR). Tobacco products are hidden away in shops and customers must specifically ask for them. You can bring 200 cigarettes (one block) from abroad.
Alcohol in pubs&restaurants. If you are planning to go out at evening take 1000 NOK/ 100 EUR for 2 persons with you. Beer in Pubs costs ~80 NOK for 0.4 (8 EUR). The cheapest drought or domestic beer not always is good choice.

Recommended beer places:

  •  Huken Pub  •  Bars • 22 Strandgata, Tromsø, Troms, 9008
    Nice and cozy beer place
  •  Sivertsens Kafe  •  Bars • 48 Vestregata, Tromsø, Troms, 9008
    Nice and cozy beer place with friendly bartender

Enjoy your stay in Tromsø! Don’t hesitate to add your experience with drinks in Tromso and favorite places.


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