Eating in Tromsø

If you are a fish and sea food lover you are in a right place.

Probably you have heard that if you go to supermarket and look for your favorite products price may be several times higher then you are used to see in other European countries and prices in restaurants might be shocking. Despite this fact you can manage to find affordable products and meals here.

Best choice in restaurants is order a fish soup or go to sushi place, because fish here in Tromsø are super fresh and more accessible than meat or vegetables. Despite high prices food in cafes and restaurants might not be in top quality and worth that price. Cheapest choice will be which fish soup even in expensive places will cost ~150 NOK (15 EUR) which is very good price in Tromsø. As well as sushi will cost ~220-300 NOK (22-30 EUR) for top quality meal made of super fresh fish (recommend Ra sushi restaurant). Along fish soup and sushi I recommend to taste reindeer soup if you find any. Cheapest option to eat outside home is Burger King Konge deals (King deals) which are incredibly cheap for Norway (Burger for ~20-50 NOK/ 2-5 EUR). Regular meal in fast food restaurant will be in the same price range as in cafe/restaurant.

If you decide to cook at home good choice in Tromsø will be to oven bake salmon/cod fillet with vegetables. Best choice is to buy ready to cook salmon/other fish fillet and/or ready to oven cook vegetables. In Rema 1000 shops you will find ready to cook meals for good price. Salmon fillet (500g) for ~3 meals cost ~65 NOK (7 EUR) and vegetables for oven bake 34 NOK (3.4 EUR). As well as pasta with tuna will be good choice. Worst option is to buy frozen vegetables and fry them. It will taste terrible and won’t be so cheap in the end.

Best shops for buying food are Rema 1000 and Coop. Although in super expensive Spar on Fridays you might find good deals for shrimps. Rema 1000 is the cheapest grocery store in Tromsø. There you will find canned tuna chunks for 5 NOK (0.5 EUR)!!!, canned tomatoes for 3 NOK, 500g of salmon fillet for 56 NOK, 500g of ready to cook in oven vegetables for 34 NOK and many more. Although choice of food will be much wider in Coop store.

WP_20160122_001 (1)

Grocery stores/supermarkets work from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays only some very small shops are opened.

Cheapest grocery stores:

  • Rema 1000 (Salmon fillet, vegetables to oven bake, canned tuna, canned tomatoes)
  • COOP

Best deals in grocery stores: 

  • Rema 1000
  • Coop
  • Spar

Deals in recommended dinner place: 

  • Ra sushi:  Hot (fried) sushi are my favorite ones


Please add your favorite deals & places!

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