What to wear / How to prepare to Troms, Norway

Take into account that you are going to place high above the arctic circle. To enjoy the Tromso you must wear appropriate clothing and boots.

To enjoy activities instead of staying in a warm room during your trip you should prepare warm clothes and some useful tips in your head. It is important to check weather forecast before to prepare yourself.

Nr. 1 will be – Use special grips to walk on slippery road. I have bought some extra grips for my guests so no worry about that. Nr. 2 Wear thermal underwear – it is not expensive piece of clothing but very useful. Nr. 3 Move and you will feel warm, instead of freezing and standing still. 4. Also good boots is a must to feel OK here. Fancy looking boots do not mean to be suitable for winter / wet weather.

Despite the high latitude in  Tromsø island the climate is quite “mild” with moderate temperatures both in winter and summer. The temperature is usually around -3˚C to +3˚C in winter (until the May). Which means that wet and cold weather, slippery roads and freezing rain / wet snow is possible.

You should bring along: good  winter jacket, woolen sweater, scarf, gloves, hat, warm long thermal underwear, warm thermal socks and good boots. Check the weather forecast to see if you need waterproof clothing.

Weather forecast you can find here: